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Swinton & District Excelsior Band is based in Swinton, a small village near Malton in North Yorkshire. The band was formed in 1936 by a group of ex-bandsmen living in Swinton who wished to resume their musical activities. The first engagements for the band were during the Christmas period, raising funds for instruments and music. The band has progressed throughout the seventy plus years of existence and now numbers about 30 playing members in the main band with a learners band of 20 or so whom we hope will carry on the growth and improvement of the band. Members range in age from Primary School pupils to some in their 70’s and 80’s. While many of our young players leave the band when they leave school and go on to university, many go on to play in other bands all over the country or even overseas.

What we Offer


The band supports learners of all ages and abilities, offering free instrument loan, lessons, and the opportunity to take part in concerts, social events, and more.

Social Activities

A range of social events and activities are arranged throughout the year, including an annual presentation evening, trips to the beach, and other great days out.

Band Engagements

The band also takes part in a range of contests and competitions, including marching contents, entertainment contests, and much more. We are always on the lookout for new exciting venues and events to play at, and are very open to new ideas.

The Band Officers

President - Christopher Tetley

Our president is the second generation of his family to hold this office, having taken over from his father.

Vice President - Dorothy Ratcliffe

Dorothy first became involved with the band when her son David joined in 1979 to play the trombone, later moving on to play the Euphonium 

Bandmaster - Robin Rutter

After a long gap, Robin has returned to Swinton as bandmaster. Hopefully, he has returned full of energy and enthusiasm to drive the band forward in search of excellence!

Chairman - Jane Ford

One of the original group of girl learners in 1968, Jane has played Flugel for us for most of the intervening years. As well as playing, she is a great fund-raiser and was made a life member in 2006.

Vice Chairman - Alice Tasane

Alice, who is our principal cornet player joined the band in 2005 and has been principal since 2011.  Alice is also an active fundraiser and helps to organise the band’s social events.

Treasurer - Helen douglas

Helen came to the band on cornet in 2006 and crossed over the band to play Baritone and now Euphonium. She comes from a Brass family, her parents both having been Trombonist.  She has been Treasurer for a political association and welcomes the new challenge of taking on the bands accounts

Deputy Bandmaster and Secretary - Steve Popham

Our principal Bass has played in Brass Bands for most of his life, and has recently been made a Life Member. As well as playing Bass drum when we march, he organises much of the band’s social and drinking life, and plays anything from baritone down.

Learners’ Coordinator - Tracey Popham

Tracey has long been a key member of the cornet team and brings a great deal of experience to running the Band – after all she was secretary before Dorothy took it on! If she can keep Steve organised, there is hope for us all!

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Malton, North Yorkshire

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